Remembering Anthony Bourdain

It's now a bit over a month since Anthony Bourdain died. A month later, I still can't believe that he's no longer around.

Anthony Bourdain captivated many people around the world, myself included, with his unique storytelling and interesting perspective on life, travel, and of course, food. I remember first watching his show about 10 years ago on the Travel Channel after a long, tiring day out. Being an adventurous eater, I immediately got sucked into No Reservations. No Reservations, and later on Parts Unknown, provided me with a lens to the many exotic locations around the world; places I have never been to, cultures I have never experienced, and cuisines I didn't even know existed. As such, I plan to binge watch the first 8 seasons of Parts Unknown in the coming weeks.

Bourdain inspired me to go out and explore the world, including my native NYC which on the 7 train line alone, includes some of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York, America, and perhaps the world. You could eat breakfast at a Chinese bakery, lunch at a Mexican taqueria, and then dinner at a Bhutanese restaurant. Bourdain has showcased Queens many times before on his shows, but it really resonated with me in 2017 when he came back on Parts Unknown.

Though he's gone, he won't be forgotten. He made an impact on my world through his larger than life personality and captivating storytelling. So in memory of Bourdain, go out there, eat, drink, and explore the world.

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Nabil Jamaleddine | 2018-07-10 #anthony bourdain #gastronomy #travel #parts unknown #people